This is Sheikh Shaheb.I am a White hat SEO Expert in Bangladesh For SERP.I am working in the local market for the google 1st page.

I started my life with a job.To be honest, I was in subjection.
I could not do what I wished.I was looking forward to the opportunity.
Then one day I heard something from a friend about BITM.Come home and sit on the computer BITM website.I read all the details about BITM for training.And read about SEO.I like SEO. Get some knowledge about some video SEO.Then go training for BITM for SEO.

Our SEO trainer name was Uttam Kumar Sarkar. Who was a good person. He trains us is like that friendly. He helps us to improve our knowledge. He also helps us what to do for white hat SEO and what not to do.I can learn properly on page SEO. On page SEO, Backlink, SEO audit, clients handling etc.

sheikh shaheb
sheikh shaheb with trainer

That was the start of my life’s SEO or freelancing.There were a lot of background issues for me.But no obstacle prevented me.Working hard at keeping my goals right helps me be efficient. Finally I become a SEO Expert.

I have passed my SSC Examination in 2013, HSC in 2015 Scientific background and a BSC in CSE (running). I learn Practical Search Engine Optimization (SEO).From the BITM Basis Institute of Technology & Management).I am also certificate form Udemy.

I have been working in the field of SEO (On-page and Off-page Optimization). I help to drive traffic and generate leads to this website with my best technical idea.

I believe that,hard work,strict discipline,good communication and creative problem solving skills are the cornerstone of success so don’t think that you are a failure.

Thanks for reading this article – Sheikh Shaheb.

Sheikh Shaheb
Sheikh Shaheb
Sheikh Shaheb
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Sheikh Shaheb
Sheikh Shaheb is a White Hat SEO Expert in Bangladesh.
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Sheikh Shaheb