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Scarlet Macaw Cage|What is the best Macaw Cage

July 31, 2019
scarlet macaw cage

Scarlet Macaw Cage for sale.If you want. You can buy your red color macaw parrot frame. Chose your favorite macaw grate. Which red macaw house is best.

Macaw Stricture and lifetime

First off all the behavior of the Macaw parrot is different from other birds.  The scarlet macaw is a South American parrot. Scarlet macaw is a large group of macaws. It’s one of the large strong birds in the world. It is one of the best colorful birds. There are many colors of scarlet macaw. Above all Their colors is generally Red, Yellow & Blue. It is one of the best pet bird. The body of the scarlet macaw from beak to tail can be as long as 33 inches. The bird’s strong lips help break the hard nut in the forest. The scarlet macaw can found in South America. They prefer to spend time in forests and nearby rivers, usually in tall trees. The adult gives two eggs each year. The scarlet macaw can live up 70 years.

About Scarlet macaw Cage

Pimento Macaw is quite large in size from other birds. So it’s a little hard to take care of them. One of Scarlet Macaw’s two most important things is Food, And the other is a cage. Scarlet Macaw is very powerful, so they can break easy Simple cages. After that, they need a strong cage and its size And be accurate.  Macaw cage will buy based on the size.

scarlet macaw cage
scarlet macaw cage

The main part for buy scarlet macaw cage

Scarlet Macaw is the jumbo of the jungle. But they are bright and bold, inquisitive nature pets. Macaw parrot is much more powerful than other birds. Scarlet macaw has a long tail and wide wingspan. It can be challenging for you to finding a perfect parrot cage to house these beautiful macaw. Generally, there are some important things to consider when choosing a Macaw cage. Most of the experience depends on your ability. Because it is normal to spend a little more on buying a good quality cage. There are some important things to keep in mind when buying a cage. If you do not notice these things. I am sure that you are facing great danger. You can even lose your pet Macaw parrot for a lifetime. That’s why the Macaw parrot cage is good to buy, following the points below.

Scarlet Macaw Cage Size

Now I am talking about the size of the macaw birds cage. It is very important about scarlet macaw that you need to choose the perfect macaw cage for your macaw. The Scarlet Macaw is usually 33.5 inches or 85 cm Scarlet Macaw’s size is bigger. Therefor It needs to be large and strong in its mold size. The cage needs to be where there is space for feeding. The Macaw cage is best if it is 4 feet long by 4 feet wide and 5 feet high. As a result In this size macaw feeling good into the cage. The cages of the right size are capable of laying eggs On time and they are very easy to nurture.

Number of Macaw

First of all, Things to keep in mind before buying your Macaw parrot cage. One of them is how many birds do you want to buy for a cage? The size you want to buy for a bird. You can never feed two birds in a cage that size. Because if you observe two birds in that place. They will not feel comfortable. It can even have an effect on their physical structure.

Is the cage Strong?

Second, We all have very little idea about the size of macaws and how strong their lips and legs are. So when you buy a Red Macaw parrot cage. The point to note is what material is your Macaw cage made of? Because Macaw is so strong that he can break the ordinary cage very easy so they need a very strong cage. Stainless Steel and Wrought iron is best for macaw cage.

Bar spacing for macaw bird

Third, Perfect bar spacing is also an important part of the macaw birds cage. Think, What if the interval from one bar to another is too much? For so much space in the bar, your pet can get out of the cage. From one bar to another, the space is very high, Your pet can get out of the cage. You can lose your parrot for a lifetime. Because your birdcage is more frequent from one bar to another. Your bird can become a host of predatory animals and birds.

Again, if it is less than one bar to the other, then the wings of the parrot can be wound to the right leg. And can cause illness for your birds. So it is very important for you to know the correct distance from one bar to another. For example, Bar spacing of ¾ inch to 1 inch for smaller macaws and 1 inch to 1.5 inches for larger macaw is best.

Is there a place to store food?

Fourth. The thing you should note is that the food is in your macaw cage. You need to have enough food stored in Macaw to keep it in place. Think once you’ve gone somewhere for a while. But by mistake, you didn’t go to Macaw’s food in your cage. What happens once you think? How much of a threat to your health will be to Macaws? And if there is enough food storage in the cage, then there will be no problem. At any time, don’t keep water in only one container for a Macaw. This is common usually made by everyone because dirty water is very harmful to Macaw’s health. So keep water in one container for Macaw’s food and another for bathing, so that Macaw’s health will be good.

Why you chose our cage

  • There are many who show similar cases and deliver different.
  • You will be able to choose your preferred case from us.
  • Our macaw cases are very strong, which break is not easy.
  • We sometimes offer different types of cases.
  • We are experts for macaw birds cage so we choose the best for you.
  • Here you can find the best Bar spacing for your macaw.

Choose your favorite Macaw cage

53″ Extra Large Bird Cage

  • It makes solid iron that makes the cage even more durable.
  • This cage has two perches where your birds can sit and play and grill around for freedom.
  • Garbage sliding is great for cleaning, which keeps the birdcage clean and comfortable.
  • This cage is an ideal cage for Pionus, Caciques, Jardine’s parrots, Meyer’s parrots, and other size birds.
  • the cage has four eating cups, two wooden perch, four feeder doors, four convenient locked for food.
  • This cage is 25 inches (W), 53 inches (H), 30.7 inches without Stand and 1/2 inch bar spacing.

Buy From For $ 72.25

Large Play Top Bird Cage

  • It is a large macaw cage.which is made by metal is safe and non-toxic
  • It has a perch for easy cleaning, three stainless steel bowls, and two sliding metal trays.
  • Macaw has a fun playground for ladders and stainless steel bowls.
  • There are large doors in the front that can is locked with a lock
  • It measures 24 inches wide by 22 inches wide and 37.5 inches high
  • Weighs 50 pounds.

Buy From For $ 129.99

Macaw Cage So Black Hammertone

  • This iron cage is manufacture at a reasonable, affordable price. So that you can choose your cage.
  • It features four stainless steel cup, two wooden nails, a cage stand, a playtop and a facility to keep round seeds.
  • There is a nice lock on the door to protect the bird.
  • It manufactures with non-toxic powders and advanced durable wrought iron.
  • It is 24 inches long by 20 inches wide and 60 inches high and has 3/4 inch spacing between each wire.
  • Weight: 67.8 pounds

Buy From For $ 255.00

93″ Large Hexagonal Bird Cage

  • Since this cage is large enough, so there will be no problem for your birds to play and feed.
  • This aluminum frame has the characteristics of preventing shock rust, corrosion, etc. That extends the cage much longer.
  • Lighting enters the aluminum mesh insufficient measure. So it can be a comfortable home for your birds.
  • This cage is suitable for medium and large birds such as macaws, African gray, cactus, etc.
  • It is 4 feet wide and height of 7.7 feet (around the top).
  • The door size is 22″(L) by 68″(H) and total weight: 91 pounds

Buy From For $ 401.99

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